Our physicians and staff at 格兰德河医学院 would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our office. 作为您的医疗保健提供者,我们期待着为您服务. 我们希望, we can build a relationship that will ensure you receive the highest quality care and service.

为了让你的利益最大化, 熟悉这些系统是非常重要的, 本节概述的政策和利益. 我们彬彬有礼的工作人员将很乐意回答您的任何问题.

We at 格兰德河医学院 (RGM) are working to make health care safety a priority. 你 as the patient can play a role in making your care safe be becoming an active, 你的医疗团队中有经验的成员.



去诊所是为了保护你的健康安全, to ensure the effectiveness of your treatments and to check for any side effects from your medications. 你r specific wellness needs will determine the frequency of your office visits. 一旦你和博士. Saviñon确定你的健康需求, all medications will be prescribed according to the next scheduled office visit. Refills (link down to Refills) will be given in accordance to office visit frequency.

  • 健康/年诊
  • 就诊频率可能因医疗需要而异


如果有紧急情况,一定要打911. If you have a situation which you feel is urgent our telephone is the same day or night (956) 421-2757. When calling after hours, our answering service will locate your physician / provider. Please explain the nature and urgency of your problem clearly and concisely, and the physician on call will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 电话医学缺少诊断所需的体检. An office or emergency department visit could be required by the physician.



每次去诊所看病时,请带上你所有的药物, 如果不是所有药物的完整清单也是可以接受的. 该清单应包括适当的非处方药物, doses and frequencies and any natural remedies or herbal products being taken.



在你的办公室访问期间. Saviñon会帮你补充药物. Follow-up appointments to monitor your progress on these medications are very important. 有些情况下,你不能参加你的办公室访问. 在这种情况下,最靠谱的网赌软件的办公室安排.



We ask all diabetic and hypertensive patients with home glucometers or home bp monitors to record their blood sugars and blood pressures at home as instructed by their physician, 每次去诊所的时候都要带病历来复查. 这将有助于这些条件的管理.



  1. 你有权得到尊重、体贴和尊严.
  2. 你有权在安全的环境中获得高质量的医疗服务, 及时的, 高效率和成本效益的方式.
  3. 你 have the right to be assured that the expected results can be reasonably anticipated.
  4. 你有最大限度的隐私权.
  5. 你 have the right to have our disclosures and records treated confidentially and expect when required by law, those disclosures and records will not be released without your approval Please refer to our Notices of Privacy Practices for further details on how we safeguard your medical records. 你可以在前面等候区找到隐私通知.
  6. 你有被提供的权利, 就已知程度而言, 与你的诊断信息进行比较, 评价, 治疗及预后.
  7. 你有权以象征性的费用获得你的医疗记录的副本, 如果你要求的话, those records will be transferred to another practitioner in a timey manner.
  8. 你 have the right to be informed of all reasonable options or alternatives to care and or treatments and of the potential advantages and the alternatives to having the procedure performed in an office or other outpatient facility.
  9. 你 have the right to participate in decisions regarding al aspects of your care.


  1. 你 have the responsibility to accurately and completely provide all clinical personnel with the health information they need including any medications that you are taking.
  2. 你 have the responsibility to follow the directions of the nurse or physician with regards to diet and or medications.
  3. 你 have the responsibility to abstain from using any drugs that have not been prescribed for you and that you have not revealed to our nurse or physician.
  4. 你 have the responsibility to abstain from the use of alcohol as directed by your nurse or physician.
  5. 你 have the responsibility to inform the nurse of physician if you do not understand any directions or if you do not understand the course of treatment planned for you.
  6. 你 have the responsibility to 及时的 pay all medical bills which are not in dispute and to forward to us any monies you receive from any insurance company for our services.




我们在里奥格兰德医药公司. 力求为您提供优质的服务. 我们坚信通过改变来提高, 并欢迎有机会听取您的建议和投诉. 请与我们的办公室经理联系, 萨尔绿色, 电话:956-427-7812或电子邮件:sgreen@riograndemedicine.浏览有关投诉处理政策的进一步资料. If your concern is not resolved, you may contact your physician at 956-421-2757.



为了您的方便,我们有两个病人专用停车场. 建筑的南边和北边. 大楼的南入口装有自动门. 轮椅准备好了. There are public rest rooms in the first floor, second floor and third floor. 我们的办公室在二楼205套房.



每个人都有责任确保医疗安全. Our physicians, Nurses and technicians are working to make your health care safety a priority. 你, 作为病人, 成为一个积极的人,能在确保你的护理安全方面发挥重要作用吗, 参与和了解您的医疗保健团队的成员. So 说出来.

S – Speak up if you have any questions or concerns and if you don’t understand, ask again.
P – Pay attention to the care, treatment and medications you are receiving.
E -了解自己的诊断和治疗计划.
A 让一个值得信赖的家庭成员或伴侣成为你的支持者.
K -知道你在服用什么药物,并知道你在服用什么药物.
U -使用提供优质护理的医疗机构.
P -参与有关治疗的所有决定.


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Dr. Savinon和Dr. Landero have privileges at Valley Baptist Medical Center and Harlingen Medical Center.



We highly recommend that ALL our patients have regular Complete Physical Exams (Annual Screening/Preventative Visits, 等.每1-2年. It is your responsibility to verify that your insurance will reimburse preventative visits if you are scheduled for such. Be advised that some insurance companies routinely do not cover preventative visits (Medicare & 特别是一些蓝十字计划). 欲了解更多信息,请致电956-427-7814与我们的帐单部门联系.



Dr. Saviñon is an internist; internal medicine physicians treat patients 18 years old and older.



If you have lab work performed , please expect a phone call to receive your results. Lab work results may also be sent to your home address unless you specify other instructions.



An office visit will automatically be required to review ECG/MRI/CAT Scan studies with Dr. Saviñon或Mari Bloomquist, F.N.P



异常结果(血检), x ray or any other test) are preferably reported in person by the physician.